Thursday, 14 June 2012

Vintage bags

Here is my current collection of vintage bags...

1980s navy leather quilted bag from ebay
1980s 'Wonder Bag' with a BIG phone pocket for that 1980s mobile phone

'Wonder Bag' cool dude 
comes with mirror, key holder, and lots of extremely useful compartments...

black one: same as above, blue one: 1980s lizard skin from a thrift store in the good ol' US of A
1980s brown snake skin from ebay 
1980s Jil Sander 
big leather 1950s one from Pop Boutique, Seven Dials 
brown: 1940s alligator skin, black: 1940s Gucci crocodile skin 

Late 1960s Oroton gold mesh bag - wow, super shiny...!

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