Friday, 8 June 2012

eos...smooth baby!

eos lipbalms... 'evolution of smooth'... eos is a beauty brand and I love their lip balms, they work so well and really make your lips feel fab! I bought mine in the US and I don't think you can buy them in stores in the UK but you can definitely get them here or on Amazon and ebay. They have a wide range of flavours, but my fave so far is the mint one, it's really fresh and fun... I'm not sure how many there are, but I only have four - lemon drop, honeysuckle, summer fruit and sweet mint. Here are some pics of mine...

all of them!
mint one!

so, they are basically round balls of fabulousness! I think that's my fave thing 'bout 'em,  they are more than just the average lip balm - they are a fun shape and fun colours...yay!

minty minty! :)


all messed up man!

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