Saturday, 9 June 2012

Vintage scarves, baby!

I love vintage scarves, they are great and can really complete your outfit. Look in thrift stores and charity shops and you can pick them up for around £3. Here's my collection of vintage scarves...enjoy.
Wear it as a headband, this one is from my next door neighbour, made in Paris!

A 70s one from the one and only St Michael, otherwise known as M&S, made in Italy
I bought this one in a thrift store in Palm Springs, it's made in Japan 

Hey sailor. Charity shop... no label :(
Group photo!
I wouldn't really wear it like this, honest...

My vintage bag from Pop Boutique in Seven Dials (Covent Garden), scarf from thrift store in 
Palm Springs

p.s. look in your Granny's wardrobe!

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