Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What is happening

So I'm going back to school soon, although I don't even feel like there has been a summer here it's so cloudy and gross! It just doesn't feel like summer! My goal this summer was to do something every single day... I kinda have, obviously there have been a few day of laziness (today!) but mostly I have been super busy! 

I'm going to London for a few nights and I can't wait! I'm going shopping. yay. so there will be lots of Blog posts coming o London shopping etc and I can't wait! I need to get a few back to school things also so maybe I will do a whats in my school bag or something!  

I will also deffo do a blog post on how the alunageorge concert goes but that is in October so I will have to wait for that one! 

I also want to do a photo shoot with some friends for my blog so hopefully that will be don't before the end of the holidays! 

One last thing... Even though my birthday was last month I'm going to have a late party, the theme is Rookie so I can't wait to decorate and get dressed up! It's kind of a Tavi style party! I haven't done any party planning yet though! 

So this was just a bit of a catch up, tell me what you have planned for the rest of the holidays! 

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