Sunday, 7 July 2013

Summers commin'

So summer is on its way witch means ... No school for 6 weeks, sun (hopefully), and lots of freedom, before I go into year 10 and start working on my course work and doing exams along with lots of revising... SCARY MUCH! So to make the most of my last few weeks of freedoms I thought I would make a kind of summer bucket list of things I want to do before year 10 so here we go! 

1) relax - have some me time don't stress 
2) don't waste a single day so even If I am at home do something e.g. Write blog posts, scrapbook or read. Don't just watch tv and go on my iPad! 
3) go on lots of outings with my friends 
4) go on a road trip 
5) keep a journal 
6) do lots of scrapbooking 
7) cook more for my friends and family
8) eat healthy foods 
9) try and get a tan in Spain ( I'm going to Spain in the first 2 weeks of the hols yay!) 
10) have an amazing 14th birthday party!

 Hope you liked this list and feel free to tell me your summer todo list! 
P.s. Hope your all enjoying the more constant posting I'm trying to post every other day! 

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