Sunday, 23 June 2013

Don't stop shopping

I'm trying to get back up to speed with blogging so hopefully you will be seeing a lot of me in the months to come! While I have been being lazy on the blogging I have been doing rather a lot of shopping so here is a not so small haul... Enjoy

I bought this super cute little Moroccan bowl from Stroud.

 I also got this really cute necklace in Stroud.

I got this huge pencil case from paperchase although its still didn't hold all my stationary! 

This awesome Aztec bag is from urbanoutfitters... I love it! 
I got another beautiful mac lipstick its a satin in Cherish.

I got this little skirt from olive and I love it! 

A cute new rug from urbanoutfitters.

A new read... 

And my biggest buy recently and iPhone 4! (My new obsession)  

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