Sunday, 30 December 2012

Frankenweenie you're in my heart!

While I was in London with my great friend Maya we went to the cinema in Belsize, it was awesome, it was one room but the seats were like sofas and they had pillows, you could adjust them to have a foot rest and to lean back. We had frozen yoghurt which was delish! As you probably guessed by the title we went to see the amazing film Frankenweenie by Tim Burton, it was sosososososo great, it was the opening week we were in the area where Tim Burton actually lives(Belsize!). So for christmas my mum being the amazing mum she is, bought Maya and I Frankenweenie teeshirts from Tim Burtons colab with Uniqlo ... Which I am in love with and want to live in it! Here are some pictures of the tees! Enjoy... Btw sorry about the poor quality of the photos! Maya's one says "love at first spark" (which fits as u will know if u have seen the film!) and mine says "boys best friend".

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  1. youre so pretty!
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